Our project

The project will assist manufacturing SMEs in their digital and technological transformation by helping them to develop talents from within organization.

The proposed activity aims to overcome the challenge SMEs are facing by creating and pilot testing the leadership program specifically tailored for young leaders with engineering background. SMEs needs will be assessed and learning paths created for the participants.

Consortium partners will develop digital learning content and organize learning, workshops and individual consultations for participants. Moreover, SMEs and their employees’ participating in learning activities will be enabled to create networks of young leaders and exchange their experiences.

Young leaders work


Young leaders work

The consortium comprised from education institutions and industrial associations will narrow the gap between industry needs and available educational content by assessing the needs of industrial SMEs in their human development and creating the learning paths for employees with engineering background.

The activity will add value by combining expertise from different working cultures in Estonia, Lithuania, Ireland and Germany. Consortium partners will assess the leadership skills gap of employees with engineering background and develop learning content addressing modules such as leadership, innovation management, industrial marketing, strategic networks and communication.


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