Our objectives

Learning man
  1. Development of learning program 
  • It is expected to engage up to 40 participants from participant SMEs as a target group for the development and pilot testing of the new learning program. The target group is leaders/management with an engineering background.
  • Partners will assess skill gaps and learning needs of selected SMEs through surveys and interviews of the target group and based on the results will develop tailor-made learning paths for participants. The learning program will include learning modules and plans for individual consultations and mentoring.


2. Development of digital content  

  • Learning modules will be complemented with digital content. Project partners will analyze existing digital nuggets/learning paths in EIT Manufacturing
    Guided Learning Platform, and, if possible, will reuse or adapt already created digital nuggets for project purposes. New digital nuggets will be created and included in the learning program. Created digital nuggets will be uploaded on Guided Learning Platform.


3. Organization of training, mentoring, and individual consultations

  • For the pilot testing of the new learning program, training sessions for the participants will be organized for a period of 5 months. The sessions are
    planned as online events for all the participants, divided into smaller groups, if necessary, according to different learning paths. The duration of each training
    session will be 1-2 days and each training session will be followed up with consultations from experts and mentors (8-10 consultations during the training
    program). Consultations will be either individual or in small groups, based on the needs of participants.


4. Assessment of the results 

  • Consortium partners will assess the results of the learning program and competencies achieved by participants through questionnaires for the participants and SMEs. Lessons learned will be evaluated and necessary changes will be made to the new learning program.


5. Dissemination of the results  

  • Dissemination will be implemented by each partner on local level through their websites and social media channels. Partners will use their existing networks to promote project results and to achieve wide awareness.